Things that Make the HCG Diet Safe

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Safety is often a major concern for would-be dieters. With unsuccessful diet options like Fen-Fen that caused people to have heart problems, it’s easy to see why people would be apprehensive about starting the HCG diet. If you research the HCG diet online, you will see many articles in support of the HCG diet and its safety, as well as those written by people who aren’t so sure. Much of the talk about the HCG diet’s safety stems from the extremely low calorie limit during phase 2. During this phase, dieters are instructed to only eat 500 calories a day from a specific list of approved foods. Usually, extremely low calorie diets put up a red flag in the minds of researchers because it almost always leads to malnutrition, or worse. However, these other diets lack the assistance of the HCG hormone, and as such are not quite in the same place.

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is naturally produced by pregnant women. During pregnancy, it is important that both the mother and child receive the proper amounts of calories and nutrition vital to their well-being as well as the ongoing development of the fetus. HCG stimulates the hypothalamus to release stores of fat into the bloodstream in order to be burned as energy. In this day and age, with food readily available, this is of little consequence. However, in places where food is scarce, this is a far more important process. When there is no shortage of food during pregnancy, the excess fat is not utilized by the mother or fetus and eventually gets stored again.

HCG is also an extremely important hormone in the development of male genitalia while in the womb. Outside of that situation, supplementing HCG poses no adverse side-effects in men. So don’t worry that it’s a hormone produced by pregnant women. It is not a sex hormone and will have no effect whatsoever on your masculinity should you decide to take HCG injections to lose weight. Knowing that there are no HCG side effects, that supplementing it poses no adverse health-effects should be a weight off your shoulders. However, there is still the low calorie diet to be worked out.

Researchers are correct in that low calorie diets can be extremely dangerous as well as ineffective. However, the HCG diet’s duration is not very long. The low calorie portion of the diet lasts only a few weeks, and people with excessive stores of fat should have no problem getting the energy that they need. The HCG diet is often utilized in conjunction with vitamin supplements in order to stave off any potential deficiencies associated with a low calorie diet. Vitamin B injections can be prescribed by your doctor, and over the counter multivitamins can help as well.

Speaking of doctors, if you’re worried about the HCG diet’s safety and efficacy, why not talk to yours? Doctors are an excellent source of HCG diet information and they can help answer any questions you may have. They can help you find reputable sources if you want to buy your HCG online, allowing you to avoid any potential HCG diet scam. Your doctor can also advise you as to whether or not you’re in the right condition to benefit from the HCG diet. While it certainly provides results, it isn’t always beneficial for people who take certain medications or possess specific health conditions.

Who Benefits from the HCG Injections?

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The HCG injection diet has been around for decades. It really hasn’t been prominently represented in the media until relatively recently, however, and sometimes that can be misleading. The diet isn’t new and controversial, if anything it’s old and controversial. Heck, it’s probably older than you, and maybe even older than your parents!

Back in the 1950s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons was a British researcher conducting a study on the effects of HCG in increasing fertility in pregnant women. He began to notice that several of the subjects in his study were reporting weight loss. After further research, Dr. Simeons noticed that there was a direct correlation between the HCG hormone and weight loss. His research culminated in the book Pounds & Inches and is an excellent place to go for more HCG diet information.

The diet consists of 3 phases and lasts about 30-40 days. Each phase has a very specific method to follow, beginning with phase 1, the loading phase. During phase 1, dieters are to take a daily HCG injection and eat a high fat diet. The HCG causes the excess amounts of fat to be stored in a special way, slowly being released over phase 2: the weight loss phase. Phase 1 is necessary, and a very good way to begin the diet in that it allows dieters to get all their cravings out of the way before it starts. This might sound like the old binging and purging, but it is not. The binge is only once, and the purpose it serves is important.

During phase 2, dieters drastically reduce their caloric intake to only 500 calories a day while continuing to take daily HCG shots. HCG causes the hypothalamus to release stores of fat into the bloodstream to be burned as energy. The purpose of the extremely low calorie diet is to ensure that the energy you get throughout the day comes from these stores of fat, not from the food that you eat. The principle is very similar to any other diet out there: burn more calories than you eat. The HCG just serves as a turbo-boost in order to burn even more fat than a regular diet would. it has another important role as well as it puts HCG diet dangers well under control

Phase 3 is the stabilization phase. It lasts 3 weeks and during this time, dieters are to carefully monitor their food intake so as to make sure no continued weight loss (or weight gain) occurs. Phase 3 is very important, and while it may sound easier to follow, it’s definitely the most nerve-wracking portion.

The HCG injection diet is good for anyone who wants to lose weight. The original HCG diet lasts 30-40 days, but there are other versions available for people who want to lose more or less. The 15 day HCG diet, for example, is great for anyone who needs to lose 10-20lbs quickly. If you have an event coming up in a month or so, and want to be sure you look your best, then this is the diet for you. The longer phases are for those who are more overweight and need to lose large amounts of pounds for whatever reason.

If you’re interested in seeing the HCG injection diet’s results for yourself, talk to your doctor. He or she can help you decide which HCG diet protocol is right for you, and help you with any tips and advice to greatly increase your rate of success.

Who Benefits from the HCG diet Drops

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The tried and true method for supplementing HCG has been through hormone injections. It is arguably the quickest, easiest way to get your HCG hormone and you only have to do it once a day.  The diet was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons during research he did back in the 1950s, and we have come a long way since then. Now, HCG hormone injections are no longer necessary for people who want to experience the rapid weight loss and without the HCG side effects associated with the HCG weight loss program.

The HCG hormone assists in weight loss by stimulating the release of fat into the bloodstream. This fat is then burned as energy for the body, resulting in weight loss. You must rigidly follow the 500 calorie a day diet in order to experience the maximum effect that the HCG hormone diet has to offer. Veering from the protocol will have negative effects on weight loss, so getting yourself a comprehensive source of HCG diet information is advisable. A good place to start is online via the HCG diet forums. There, you can speak with dieters who are currently undergoing the HCG diet protocol and get helpful hints and tips from those who have completed it already.

Sublingual HCG diet drops are a very common method for supplementing HCG nowadays. The most obvious benefit is that they do not require pins and needles. Hypodermic needles frighten a lot of people, and are often one of the largest impediments to starting out on the HCG diet. Thankfully, this is no longer necessarily the case. HCG diet drops offer the same results as the HCG diet injections, but with none of the hassle.

HCG diet drops come in two varieties: hormonal and homeopathic. The hormonal HCG diet drops are similar to the injections, except they have been engineered to be taken sublingually as opposed to injections. The drops are taken a few times a day, and require the same 500 calorie a day diet that those who take HCG injections follow. The HCG diet hormone drops possess the same shelf-life as the injections do, and should be refrigerated when not in use. The homeopathic HCG diet drops, however, are a little different in nature. They possess no hormones, and as such do not need to be refrigerated and are available without a prescription. Their shelf-life is also much longer (upwards of 5 years), but the protocol for use is the same.

For people who have an aversion to needles, the HCG diet drops are usually the first choice. They’re great for people who have active jobs or lifestyles as they can be transported easily and without lugging around needles everywhere you go. However, because of their hormonal nature, the HCG diet drops still need to be refrigerated. If you plan to be out and about most of the day, then the homeopathic variety might be the better choice.

The long shelf-life of homeopathic HCG drops is often an underrated bonus. They can be purchased and stored before you begin the diet, allowing you time to pick up some HCG diet information in order to boost your rate of success. Some people, however, are purists and would prefer the hormonal variety as opposed to the homeopathic, and that’s okay. Just remember that the results are the same regardless of which method you choose to supplement your HCG.



Where you can get the HCG Hormone

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The HCG is arguably one of the easiest, fastest methods for weight loss on the market today. For decades, it has helped thousands of people achieve the weight loss that they always dreamed of safely and effectively. If you’d like to try the diet everyone is talking about for yourself, you can very easily buy HCG online and start right away.

Talking to your doctor is a good idea if you want to try out the HCG diet for yourself. Some people are afflicted with medical conditions or take medications that can jeopardize the HCG diet’s safety and/or efficacy. Also, your doctor can give you a prescription for HCG diet injections, or tell you where you can buy your HCG online. Getting a physical before beginning a diet or exercise program is a good idea, and an excellent safety precaution to undertake before starting the HCG diet.

The HCG hormone comes in several different forms, and each one is taken slightly different. The original HCG diet called for injections. They are taken in the thigh once daily and are often paired with vitamin B injections to help keep your energy up and supplement nutrients vital to your health. If this is the route you want to go, your doctor can help instruct you in the proper method for injecting HCG and how to safely sterilize the area. If you opt-out of the injections, you should remember that it’s still important to supplement your daily intake of nutrients. Over the counter multivitamins are a pretty safe bet here.

If injections aren’t your thing, then you might want to try the HCG diet drops or HCG diet pills. These are much easier to take, however they require more doses than the injections. You will need to take your dose of HCG anywhere from 4-8 times a day, should you decide to utilize the diet drops or pills. They are taken sublingually, where the mass of blood vessels close to the surface will quickly absorb the HCG hormone. The results of using the shots, pills or drops are pretty much the same, provided you stick to the HCG diet protocol.

If you decide to buy your HCG online, there are a few things you will want to take note of. The first thing is that there are a lot of HCG diet scams out there. These websites will seem legit, take your money and either end up sending you a bunk product, or nothing at all. The quickest way to tell if you’ve been scammed or not is to simply look at the results. If you follow the original HCG diet to the letter, you should be losing anywhere from .5lbs to 2lbs a day. If you are losing less than that, feel extremely hungry, tired or anything else, then you might have gotten scammed. To avoid scams altogether, buy HCG online from FDA approved laboratories only.

There are HCG diet forums around that will help you find information on where to purchase your HCG online. The people on the forums are quite helpful, many of which are undergoing the HCG diet themselves. Odds are, if you purchase your HCG from one of the sources from which others have seen success, the same will be for you.

Getting the Best HCG Diet Information

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Health and fitness is a multibillion dollar a year industry in the US. There are a ton of diets out there that you can choose from, with results ranging from mild to jaw-dropping. One diet that provides results of the latter-sort is the HCG diet. HCG diet information is readily available both in print and online, and if you’re looking to lose weight quickly, then getting more information on the HCG diet would be a good place to start.

There are several HCG diet books out there, and you can get most of them online or at your local book store in the dieting section. The first one you will probably want to check out is Pounds & Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Dr. Simeons HCG diet was the first one published to the public, and it goes into specific detail on the how’s and why’s of the HCG diet. After reading this book, you should have a very good idea of what the diet entails, and beginning the diet from here is not bad. However, it was published decades ago, and since then a lot of new information on the HCG diet has come out. If you want to get some additional information, then there are other books available that will help you.

The HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide by Linda Prinster provides good information on the newer version of HCG diet supplementation, the homeopathic HCG diet drops. If you’d like to expand your knowledge on some of the more modern methods of doing the HCG diet, then this is a good source of information. It covers several new methods, but focuses on the homeopathic HCG diet drops.

If buying books isn’t your thing, then the internet is your next best place for HCG diet information. Look up some HCG diet forums and speak directly to people who are currently undergoing the HCG diet protocol, or who have completed it in the past. They can give you a wealth of pertinent information as well as HCG diet tips you might not find in the printed material. You can also check out some HCG diet blogs. These blogs will often detail the day to day life of the blog owner as they go through the HCG diet, and what sorts of experiences they have. You’ll probably find that rapid weight loss is a common theme among these blogs, and that some people have completed the diet successfully more than once.

Last, but not least, you can always go to your doctor for HCG diet plan information. A doctor can help fill you in on the technical aspects of the HCG diet and how best to go about it safely. They can either prescribe HCG hormone injections to you directly, or suggest reputable sources from which you can buy HCG online. There are some HCG diet scams out there, and a doctor can help you to avoid them. Aside from where to buy your HCG online, a doctor can fill you in on the potential HCG diet side-effects and how best to cope. They’re minor, and don’t typically last longer than the first week or so on the HCG diet, but any extra information helps.

Once you’re armed with an adequate amount of HCG diet information, your chances of completing the diet successfully are far greater than those who are not.